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    Since we started out in 2014, we’ve worked side by side with landowners across the UK to help them fully benefit from their renewable energy projects. To make sure we always get the best results for our clients, we work with qualified, specialist accountants, lawyers, engineers and other professionals. Each of our reviews is carried out by an ICAEW Chartered Accountant – and we’re a member firm of the Institute, too.

  • Meet our Co-founders: Travis and Freccia Benn

    In 2006, Travis Benn started his career as a chartered accountant for a top accounting firm. But his deeper passion was to do work that would impact the planet. When an opportunity came up for him to work for a renewable energy company, he was excited to take it. Over the years, his knowledge of the market grew and he noticed it was hard for landowners to thoroughly check their long-term lease agreements, as there was little transparency in the market. What’s more, contracts had often not kept pace with the market, with its fluctuating energy prices and changing subsidies. Travis knew there must be a way to help. Drawing on his dedication to growing the green economy, and his drive to make renewable investments more beneficial for landowners, he created Accounting for Energy in 2014 with his wife, Freccia.


    “I have always felt passionate about making a difference to our planet and having a positive impact on the world. With greater transparency in the renewable energy sector, we can help create a mutually beneficial marketplace. This, in turn, will help current and new projects run more smoothly, making things better for everyone.”


    Travis Benn

    0203 375 6144


    Before Accounting for Energy, Freccia was a successful entrepreneur in the healthcare space. When Travis told her about the challenges in the renewables sector, she was convinced that they could use their combined expertise to help landowners.

    Fuelled by her passion for business and making a difference to landowners, Freccia then developed her ideas for Accounting for Energy’s services, strategy and pricing in a way that would best serve their clients.

    She is now responsible for all the business’ operational activities and client services, and her passion for helping landowners in the UK continues to drive her work.



    “With the threat of climate change to our planet looming, my mission is to develop a business that helps build the infrastructure of the renewable energy market. I also want to make sure those who are invested in it receive fair returns. As this is still a new industry, we are able to help to avoid the pitfalls of other more established industries and by doing so, help the wider green economy.”


    Freccia Benn


    0203 876 0324


  • Testimonial with bg

    • “We found your report informative and easy to read, it was good to see how the wind farm is performing and we were pleased with the results of the audit”


      Mark Charles, Exeter

    • Sara James, Durham

    • Martin Roberts, Peterborough

    • Tracy Maria, Cumbria

    • David Terrence, Devon

    • “In every instance Accounting for Energy have identified and recovered shortfalls in rent for my clients. Not only do the landowners receive back payments but they are also keen to show developers that they are being held to account.”


      Chris Thyer MRICS FAAV Land Agent, GSC Grays

    • “We don’t have comparable leases in renewable energy meaning there are few examples to draw from, so it’s always good to have checks and balances in place. We would recommend Accounting for Energy for their diligence.”


      Ali Walker Property Co-ordinator, Bath and Wells Diocese, Church of England

    • “The information provided by the turbine owner seemed to be comprehensive. The issue comes with knowing if all the data is complete and the audit was able to identify areas that we should have been receiving royalties on.”


      Ben Ardern Financial Controller, Dewlay Cheesemakers

    • “I worked with Travis on a set of arbitral proceedings to recover unpaid royalties on behalf of the landowners of a large renewable energy site. I was very inspired by his passion for his industry and his tireless commitment to getting the best results.”


      Sarah Bishop, Commercial Disputes Solicitor

    • “Travis is the go-to person for renewable energy landowner royalty payments. He gets into the details of a case, and is very tenacious in identifying and recovering any monies owed to landowners.”


      Grant Jones, Chartered accountant, solicitor and practicing arbitrator

    • “I would recommend Accounting for Energy because they are clearly experts in this area, and they were good to work with. It was an easy decision to get them on board because we really didn’t have the expertise or the time to be trawling through the lease and power purchase agreement.”


      Nick Kenyon, CEO, Dewlay Cheesemakers

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