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    Renewables a budding industry in need of transparency

    75% of our independent reviews highlight discrepancies to landowners

    We empower you with the insights so you can fully benefit from your green projects

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    Experts In Renewable
    Energy Land Rents

    We are the leading UK provider of land
    rent audits of renewable sites

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    Complex Issues Need An Expert Opinion

    We fully understand & safeguard
    your land rent payments

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    Maximising Returns From Renewable Energy & Ensuring Zero Waste

    We ensure you receive all income due
    from your investment in renewable energy

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  • What we do

    What We Do

    At Accounting for Energy, our vision is to build a mutually beneficial, rewarding marketplace
    for landowners who have renewable energy projects on their land.

    That’s why all our services help to increase transparency in this new and largely unregulated
    industry – while equipping and empowering landowners and the other people we help with
    the insights they need to benefit fully from their renewables projects.



  • Accounting for Energy

  • Homepage – Benefits of what we do

    The benefits of what we do

    We bring structure and clarity
    to this new industry

    With our expert knowledge, we bring you
    the insights you need in a clear and simple
    way. Renewable energy is a new, largely
    unregulated area with little history – and
    many of the contracts between energy
    companies and landowners have gone
    unchecked for 20 years.

    We share our industry expertise
    in a straightforward way

    We have specialist knowledge of leases,
    trends, market prices and legislation. We
    bring together our knowledge in a way
    that’s clearly structured and simple, so
    you can make sure you’re getting the best
    from your site – while helping to create a
    more mutually beneficial marketplace.

    We can help save you
    time and money

    We can spend time digging into the
    details, so you don’t have to. And with
    75% of our audits revealing
    discrepancies, we can help you make the
    most of your project’s revenue.

  • Homepage – How do we work?

    How do we work?

    We believe in keeping things simple. Our approach works like this:

    You book a call with us to
    talk about your project

    We’ll work out
    exactly how we can help you

    We go away and carry out
    our work for you

    We give you the insights you
    need so you can fully benefit
    from the projects on your site.

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  • Our Clients

    Our Clients

    • “We found your report informative and easy to read, it was good to see how the wind farm is performing
      and we were pleased with the results of the audit”


      Mark Charles,


    • “Job well done”


      Sara James,


    • “Early non-payment discovered so very happy with outcome”


      Martin Roberts,


    • “Excellent service. The review has given me peace of mind”


      Tracy Maria,


    • “We found the report very thorough and really interesting and were pleased
      that the payments have been corrected and appreciate your help with this very much”


      David Terrence,


    • “In every instance Accounting for Energy have identified and recovered shortfalls in rent for my clients. Not only do the landowners receive back payments but they are also keen to show developers that they are being held to account.”


      Chris Thyer MRICS FAAV

      Land Agent, GSC Grays

    • “We don’t have comparable leases in renewable energy meaning there are few examples to draw from, so it’s always good to have checks and balances in place. We would recommend Accounting for Energy for their diligence.”


      Ali Walker

      Property Co-ordinator, Bath and Wells Diocese, Church of England

    • “The information provided by the turbine owner seemed to be comprehensive. The issue comes with knowing if all the data is complete and the audit was able to identify areas that we should have been receiving royalties on.”


      Ben Ardern

      Financial Controller, Dewlay Cheesemakers

    • “I worked with Travis on a set of arbitral proceedings to recover unpaid royalties on behalf of the landowners of a large renewable energy site. I was very inspired by his passion for his industry and his tireless commitment to getting the best results.”


      Sarah Bishop,

      Commercial Disputes Solicitor

    • “Travis is the go-to person for renewable energy landowner royalty payments. He gets into the details of a case, and is very tenacious in identifying and recovering any monies owed to landowners.”


      Grant Jones,

      Chartered accountant, solicitor and practising arbitrator

    • ““I would recommend Accounting for Energy because they are clearly experts in this area, and they were good to work with. It was an easy
      decision to get them on board because we really didn’t have the expertise or the time to be trawling through the lease and power purchase agreement.”


      Nick Kenyon,

      CEO, Dewlay Cheesemakers

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